LOOP Barcelone

  • Goran Skofic,


Quotidien de l'Art

LOOP video art fair in Barcelona by Alison Moss

With the Limelights Stolen by Figurative Painting, a Softening Market for Photography Shifts Toward

  • Sebastian Riemer,



"With the limelight stolen by figurative painting, a softening market for photography shifts toward conceptual fare" , article by Anna Sansom about Paris Photo 2021

Performing for the camera

  • Romain Mader,


9 Lives Magazine

about the exhibition at Tate Modern London in 2016, curated by Simon Baker

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Performing for the camera

Camille Fallet au Centre Photographique Marseille

  • Camille Fallet,


9 Lives Magazine

An article about the solo exhibition about the city of Glasgow by Camille Fallet at Centre Photographique Marseille, France

Camille Fallet au Centre Photographique Marseille


  • Vincent Lemaire,


9 Lives Magazine

"Carte Blanche" to Hélène Lacharmoise who presents the first solo show by Vincent Lemaire. Curated by Audrey Hoareau, the new director of the Center of Photography in Douchy les Mines, France, the exhibition "Pendrillon" presents the artist' conceptual approach of photography, mixing photographies and photograms.

Focus Vincent Lemaire

  • Vincent Lemaire,


Point Contemporain

Galerie Dix9 Hélène Lacharmoise

  • Karine Hoffman,


Beaux-Arts magazine

by Stephanie Pioda

Anila Rubiku

  • Anila Rubiku,


Juliet art magazine