Galerie Dix9 Hélène Lacharmoise


Located in Le Marais in Paris, Galerie Dix9 was founded by Hélène Lacharmoise in November 2007. Pursuing a consistent and personal approach and opened to a great variety of mediums, supportive to moving image and performance, the gallery aims to promote emerging, mid-carreer and established artists from various backgrounds at the main gallery space and international art fairs.
The represented and exhibited artists are based or related to arts scenes in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Americas, Africa, Australia and China. Galerie Dix9 highlights practices with a contemporary take on cultural realms. These practices are conceptually rooted in present time and history and focus on passages and mutations, looking at the presence of the past in tomorrow's world, thus creating a potential reflexion in the interstices between illusion and objectivity, reality and fiction, memories and the forgotten. Both a matter of duration and time, whether intimate, social or political their practices are also a matter of image and identity, and relate to the conditions of its manifestation and perception.
Galerie Dix9 collaborates with not-for-profit initiatives and curators, showcasing artists in complement to the main program of the gallery. 

Founder and owner Hélène Lacharmoise studied political sciences at Sciences Po Paris, contemporary art at Ecole du Louvre and cinema at Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris.