commissariat d'Audrey Hoareau

09/04/2021 - 10/02/2021
Opening 09/03/2021
Vincent Lemaire
Vincent Lemaire
Pendrillon (RFRO1) 12 020-12 021 EH, 2020-2021
photograph and photogram, prints on Ilford bright silver fiber paper
50 x 61 cm
Unique artwork, available

Press release

Curated by Audrey Hoareau, this exhibition is made possible with the support of Centre national des arts plastiques (National Centre for Visual Arts), France

Pendrillon is the French word for one of those long, narrow, black curtains that hang on either side of the stage in a theatre. Their purpose is to screen the wings from the audience. The English word for them is “tormentors”.  The name of the exhibition plays on the thin border that separates reality from fiction. Centre stage is Vincent Lemaire’s most recent work, the enigmatic, manifesto installation that gives the exhibition its title. Deliberately complex, his mathematical approach to space raises issues relating to ways of representing the world. Or rather, how to represent a world that is constantly contradicted by its simulacrum.