Museum of Modern Art Weserburg, Breme, DE

  • Sebastian Riemer,

03.20.2022 - 08.21.2022

So are we 3.0

Curators: Ingo Clauß and Janneke de Vries

The exhibition brings together more than 190 works from different eras and contexts and addresses both contentual and formal issues. Seven thematic areas formulate artistic approaches to depicting the human being, develop a current picture of Germany, engage in multifaceted play with everyday life or the medium of the book, and investigate minimalist tendencies, photographic procedures or aesthetic contradiction.

image: JOHNS, JASPER 1930 - "3FLAGS" 1958 3 AMER. PTG. ENCAUSTIC on CANVAS 30 7/8 x 45 1/4 PRIVATE COLL., series Stills, 2020, C-Print, 180 x 180 cm

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Museum of Modern Art Weserburg, Breme, DE