Hase 29, Kunstverein Osnabruck, DE

  • Sophia Pompéry,

02.15.2019 - 03.30.2019

Luv and Lee

 Fine white sand meanders across the floor - the installation by Lena von Goedeke and Sophia Pompéry lends the exhibition space hase29 the atmosphere of a changeable and at the same time timeless landscape. Fragments of text hidden under the sand are exposed in an air stream or made to disappear by drifting. Everything appears fleeting and fragmentary.

Luv and Lee form the first cooperation between Lena von Goedeke (*1983) and Sophia Pompéry (*1984). A common point of departure for the subtle, ambiguous works of both artists is their interest in scientific phenomena. Pompéry and Goedeke deal in detail with borderline perceptual situations: with their own sense of absurdity, they show how unreliable, ambivalent and enigmatic perception is and how our resonance towards natural processes behaves.

"First nature was a model, today it has become an afterimage of art." (Martin Seel) The abyss of nature has fascinated us from time immemorial to the present day. Especially today - unlike in earlier times - we are no longer just indifferent viewers*, but we are beginning more and more to fear the consequences of our interventions on planet Earth and are already suspecting what could happen to nature and to us.

NATUR appears in the installation LUV UND LEE as an erratic image, as a sublime site of an intervention, in which the minimalist scenery creates an underlying disturbing irritation. Before our eyes and under our feet, "Luv und Lee" literally turns into compelling questions about ourselves and our ethics in dealing with an endlessly "used" nature. .....

Hase 29, Kunstverein Osnabruck, DE