October Salon, Belgrad, Serbia

  • Nemanja Nikolic,

  • Anila Rubiku,

09.23.2016 - 11.06.2016

The Pleasure of Love

Curated by David Elliott, this 56th October Salon will concentrate on what role emotion plays in contemporary art and how it may be framed in ways that are neither banal nor kitsch. This may include the not-so-simple pleasures of love, humor, horror and any other perspectives that art may bring to bear on the fragility of human experience and life which, in itself, may have a transient or long-lasting impact.

The Pleasure of Love, the 56th October Salon, will be composed of around 60 artists from Serbia, the Balkan region and the world at large chosen directly by the Artistic Director and from an open submission.  The Salon will take place in Belgrade City Museum and in Cultural Center of Belgrade (Art gallery, Artget gallery and Podroom gallery)

October Salon, Belgrad, Serbia