Le fil des choses

  • Lucy Bubba,
12/15/2009 - 01/16/2010

Press release

Lucy Bubba is a funny story-teller who makes objects talk. This Paris-living Italian artist has kept the nickname her friends gave her as a child, who already built story boxes.

Today she goes on building visible stories, having started with bags as support to these stories, then designed telling-tale jewels. Wether “stories to handle” or “stories to carry”, these objects are made of various materials, most of the time synthetic, visibly sawn and taped, as a way to play with constraints and to enact remembrances and imaginations.
The installation at Galerie Dix9 – where most of the works hang from the ceiling – is designed around the theme of the thread, with a double reference to the logic of thoughts and to the living link between her two countries and cultures – a link she has been working on since her  thesis on the myth of Isis in the Symbolist movement. What was Isis looking for when she tried to rebuild her brother’s body? Probably a meaning which she knew had not gone lost.
The thread is also related to sewing. Lucy Bubba likes to sew, as much as she likes to associate words or found objects. All her works are light, graceful and full of humor.     
Lucy Bubba was born in Italy. After graduated in art, she has worked in various museums in Rome, as contributor from Paris for an Italian newspaper and written texts and novels on Beauty. She has always been making “portable stories”.