09/04/2010 - 09/26/2010
Sophie Dulaurent
Sophie Dulaurent
Unique artwork

Press release

After studies based on the Line (chinese language/fashion design), Sophie Dulaurent creates volumes from urban architecture forms.Pointing out the link between clothing and housing she develops ideas codified in ancient times when Vitruve was analysing the relations between architecture and human body.

The idea nourished by careful observations of the built space, leads the artist to orientate her work around the draped dress.
In her endless search, Sophie Dulaurent starts from a shot of a fragment of city, house, street, or passage. From that shot emerges a form - lay out of a flat dress patronage-. At this stage, the volume of the dress remains unknown; it will appear progressively once the piece of fabric is cut and placed on the body.
Here is the magic of a perpetual transformation. From the same form of patronage emerges a series of various volumes, each one being produced in a single piece.
The four projects exhibited in Galerie Dix9 have the same process. The artist chooses the signs of evolving architectures through space and time. She works on geographical places as various as Ho-Chi-Minh and Hanoi cities in Vietnam, the Eiffel tower or Galerie Dix9 in Paris.
The exhibition scenography in the gallery space is connected with her obsession for the lines.Each project deploys on the wall like a cross pattern, symbol of equilibrium. ?Then, it takes shape on standing mannequins which seem frozen in their verticality.
This exhibition where fashion meets contemporary art is following the artist creative process.