Ghazel's desire to explore the themes of identity and displacement comes from her own experience of a nomadic existence, feeling like an outsider in Iran, where she grew up, as well as in the West, where she had lived most of her adult life.

Since 1997, Ghazel obsessively takes the stage in small sketchs full of corrosive absurdity.  The sketches of the series Me, of which there are 730 today, transcribed experience of a veiled woman engaged with the dictates of her culture, and addresses the audience with political events, their impact on daily life and their aberrations.

Now living in Teheran as well as in Paris, the artist recently developed a new project titled Family tree, 12 episodes of "family" stories all enacted by Ghazel with her Me series persona. All were shot in her family house in Teheran.  She tries to pick everyday anecdotes from her childhood that would resonate with viewer's own memories.