Märkisches Museum Witten, DE

  • Sebastian Riemer,

03.21.2022 - 07.10.2022

People on the Street

Curator: Christoph Kohl

The photography exhibition "Menschen auf der Straße" (People on the Street) at the Märkisches Museum Witten focuses on the Street as a living space and a place for social interaction. It is a venue for performance and political motivation. On it, the complexity of human existence can be experienced and thus becomes a mirror of society.


19 artists invited to dialogue with two series by Thomas Struth and Toby Binder.


Markisches Museum is part of the  RuhrKunstMuseen, association of museums in the Ruhr.

image : Tophane, 2012, UV-Print, 155 x 600 cm

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Märkisches Museum Witten, DE