Foundation La Fabbrica di Cioccolate, CH

  • Debora Hirsch,

05.25.2019 - 10.12.2019

Eco Shifter

Exhibition curated by Debora Hirsch
Eco Shifter refers to the ability to interact, adapt, transform and create new relationships with the environment.
With the vanishing of referential backgrounds, we are inevitably bound to unprecedented panoramas. Our daily navigation has become far-out exchange of motionless protocols.
In these settings, once secluded artists turn into eco shifters or denizens of a peripheral ecosystem through permanent adjustments as the only strategy of adaptation and uncertain balance, in order to act as modifying agents.
Suffice to say that any contribution to these omnipresent system implies a shift in nature and relocation, going back to a temporary but conceptual solitude.

with: Jenny Brockmann, Elaine Byrne, Bel Falleiros, Ludovica Gioscia, Debora Hirsch, Sophie Kitching, Raphaela Melsohn, Natasa Prljevic, Bea Scaccia, Regina Parra, Devis Venturelli, Virginia Inés Vergara.

Foundation  La Fabbrica di Cioccolate, CH