Triennale de Milan

  • Edith Roux,

27.05.2016 - 30.09.2016

City after the City

At the heart of the debate about the future of urban planning in the twenty-first century is the idea that the city must go beyond the combination of values and motivations that make it what it is today.

The City after the City exhibitions, which form an authentic string of events, present a succession of situations that illustrate a longing for a different kind of city. They avoid the trap of nostalgia for some mythical ideal city, and make no claim to reach the place where our real origins are rooted. If we admit that cities are no longer able to self-certify traditions and roots, then we can say we are facing a divisive event of great impact, which above all testifies to the opaque nature of today?s urban model. City after the City examines the symptoms of a global trend towards going beyond the conventional city. These symptoms are displayed to the general public in an effective manner

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Triennale de Milan