Photography and Abstraction

The exhibition is dedicated to the issue of abstraction in the field of contemporary photography. Riemer’s unique approach to photography creates atmospheres, which combine the past and the future. Whether the works were recently taken by him, or he used images from photo archives and added his own take on them, they all have a sense of timelessness, allowing for both the future and the past to enter.  

This exhibition is part of the 4th edition of the festival "Normandie impressionniste" and will take place in 3 locations:
Frac Normandie Rouen,
Micro Onde - art center,
and Centre Photographique d’Île-de-France

A catalogue - bilingual - will be edited by Hatje Cantz

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Festival Young Creation

«En Être», is the title of the 70th edition of the Jeune Création association, which will take place from September 12 to 26, 2020. More than 190 artists of all generations take part in this exhibition circuit in four venues: the Cabane Georgina in Marseille, the Espace Niemeyer in Paris, the Jeune Création gallery in Romainville and the Thaddaeus Ropac gallery in Pantin.

?En être" (In Being) echoes desire, simplicity and doing things together. The responsibility of today?s world belongs to us. This ritual recreation, rich of 72 years of history, will sing the joys and anxieties of the world, its deaths and its rebirths. We will be fairies and we will be witches. With bits of string, it is possible to weave, create and gather what is scattered. The history of art, uncertainties, testimonies, transmissions, attempts, successes, mistakes confront dreams and reality. In what, with whom, how and for what reasons? The future will tell us.

For the occasion, Vincent Lemaire will present two installations at the Thaddaeus Ropac gallery that will connect the human body to the infinitely large and the infinitely small. The last three days of the exhibition (September 24, 25 and 26), visitors will be invited to participate in two creative protocols and to produce with the artist the extension of the works presented.


Curated by independent curator C. M. Turner (Camden, ME), Beacon is a conceptually driven group exhibition exploring objects, subjects, spaces, and ideologies that guide us through everyday life. Featuring ten artists of diverse backgrounds working with lens-based media, Beacon prompts viewers to consider the ways in which outside forces draw our attention and actions. From wayfinding to advertising, politics to place-making, Beacon explores both the unseen and well-known forces impacting ordinary existence.

here an installation view of the body of works ?it?s always summer somewhere?. A series that explores the double symbolic of the sea and proposes a contemporary mythology of exile.

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Up to now, everything's good

exhibition conceived by the students of Ecole Kourtrajm, co-curators JR, Ladj Ly, Mathieu Kassovitz and Hugo Vitrani

Sleep is overrated

A projet by Simone Zaugg and Pfelder in Kurt Tucholsky's native house
With : Heather Allen, Heike Baranowsky, Emmanuelle Castellan, Katharina Grosse, Ilona Kalnoky, Mark Le Ruez, Via Lewandowsky, Sophia Pompéry, Karin Sander, Salah Saouli, Karen Scheper, Veronika Witte, Jan Peter Zaugg, Georg Zey

Who is gazing

Spotlight on contemporary creation. For the first time, the musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac is inviting twenty-six artists from across the world to take part in a truly contemporary exhibition focusing on different relationships to photographic and filmed images.

curator: Christine Barthe, Head of the Photographic Collections Heritage Unit at the musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, Paris

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Play at home

ARTER museum in Istanbul  is showing on line some videos from its collection. After a first edition focused on sound , including Sophia Pompéry works, this second edition will feature nine videos, each of them focusing on the act of drawing and painting, even though their own individual contextual frames and the tools they utilize may differ from one another.

online at

Manheim, Heidelberg & Ludwigschafen, DE

curator David Campany

The biennale is located in three German cities: Heidelberg, Ludwigschaffen et Mannheim. Sebastian Riemer shows several works from his series "press paintings" in the exhibition titled "Yesterday's News Today" at Kunstverein in Heidelberg. With Thomas Ruff, Clare Strand et Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

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Listen to the artist talk  to find out more about how Sebastian Riemer finds the sources for his photographs and rethinks images within a multi-temporary context.


Viva Gino!

Exhibition of the collection of Gino Di Maggio : Futurism, Fluxus, Nouveau Réalisme, Affichistes, Mono-ha, Gutai,  Italian cinetism, ..

Si le nez de Cléopâtre..

"Si le nez de Cléopâtre..." investigates the process of constant rewriting and ?correction? of history and the forces at play that take place during the process. The project centers on taking the figure of Cleopatra as a metaphor for this practice and looks at how, as a historical figure, her image has been defaced and ?refaced? in Western collective imaginary.

Antlitz der Stadt -175 years of history of Photography

Cité des Arts, Paris

Biennial of digital art curated by Gilles Alvarez et Dominique Moulon

"Fifteen Pairs of Mouths"s an on-going project started in 2016 that investigates the new role of the hands as a vehicle for communication in the post-Internet age. For the last four years, I have been collecting more than 60 gestures of people texting on their phones. In the installation, fifteen of these pairs of dismembered hands casted in white plaster stand on steel mounts in various positions mimicking this new way of communicating. The phone itself remains absent; leaving a negative space in between the fingers.

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An Emphasis on Resistance - CIFO Foundation

In partnership with CIFO, El Museo del Barrio will host newly commissioned works of awardees.

Les Fantômes de Bassam

This solo exhibition is part of the project "Je suis né étranger" (I am born as a foreigner) Museum/FRAC Les Abattoirs, Toulouse and  festival Photofolies, Rodez

A Moment before the world

First edition of the biennial of Contemporary Art in  Rabat, this biennial is exclusively showing female artists.
curator Abdelkader Damani

New adventures of Vexiollogy #5

Dancing while the earth is burning, curated by Valeska Hageney and Imke Kannegiesser

In Pompéry's flag, wind hits wet ink, which leaves the block letters unfolded. The quote quoted on the flag "I do not believe in wind force" takes on the experiment, what happens when the element (wind), which is questioned, even decomposed the statement. Pompey paraphrases the testimony of some climate critics yesterday who, despite the facts presented, continue to claim: "I do not believe in Climate Change". Pompery's experiment even goes a step further, or the statement "I do not believe in wind force" is doubly disproved, which will be exposed to the flag itself throughout the summer of 2019 during the duration of the exhibition of wind force and more and more tattered. The wind sets the strong work. Until the logical conclusion. (...)

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APhF-Athens Photo Festival

International festival for Photography and visual culture
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Eco Shifter

Exhibition curated by Debora Hirsch
Eco Shifter refers to the ability to interact, adapt, transform and create new relationships with the environment.
With the vanishing of referential backgrounds, we are inevitably bound to unprecedented panoramas. Our daily navigation has become far-out exchange of motionless protocols.
In these settings, once secluded artists turn into eco shifters or denizens of a peripheral ecosystem through permanent adjustments as the only strategy of adaptation and uncertain balance, in order to act as modifying agents.
Suffice to say that any contribution to these omnipresent system implies a shift in nature and relocation, going back to a temporary but conceptual solitude.

with: Jenny Brockmann, Elaine Byrne, Bel Falleiros, Ludovica Gioscia, Debora Hirsch, Sophie Kitching, Raphaela Melsohn, Natasa Prljevic, Bea Scaccia, Regina Parra, Devis Venturelli, Virginia Inés Vergara.

Archival Empathy - solo show

solo exhibition curated by Rudolf Scheutle, Photography Collection

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Hotel Europa

Third chapter of a collective exhibition curated by Théo Mario Coppola and Livia Tarsia in Curia.

with: Apparatus 22 - Aram Abbas - Babi Badalov - Yasmina Benabderrahmane - Bouillon Group - Chto Delat - Vajiko Chachkhiani - Levan Chelidze - Gitésaetano Cunsolo - Bady Dalloul - Aliénor Dauchez - Braco Dimitrijevi? - François Durif - Davit Giorgadze - Marco Godoy - Petrit Halilaj - Gregory Hari - Siri Hermansen - Karine Hoffman - Martin Hotter - Zhanna Kadyrova - Dmitri Kourliandski - Vincent Lemaire - David Liver - Lado Lomitashvili - Randa Maroufi - Sophio Medoidze - David Meskhi - Slava Mogutin - Uriel Orlow - Joseph Perez - Joanna Piotrowska - Louis Rollinde - Marinella Senatore - Mükerrem Tuncay

adress: Open Space of Experimental Art
             2 Beri Gabriel Salosi I Turn, Tbilisi

Human Aspect

curator: Piotr Krajewski

The WRO Media Art Biennale is the major forum for media art in Poland and one of the leading international contemporary art events in Europe. For its 30th aniversary, Wroclaw hosts a series of events exploring the complexity of the current relations between the human and the technological, with the human as an initiator, a recipient and, sometimes, a victim of these mutating interplays.

The National Museum's Four Domes Pavilion and the WRO Art Center serve as the major exhibition venues of the Biennale, exploring topical concerns of the modern (and archaeological) media, such as transhumanism, digital art, interactivity, AI, bot emotionality, video-art, live coding, inter-species communication, digital environments.



Ad Infinitum

exhibition located at the Arsenale, calle Cardena #51 - entree Corrales y Apodaca - Old Havana City
curated by Magda Gonzales-Morra
collateral event of the 13th Havana Biennale

Debris (Times Contengencies)

The exhibition inquires on different ways of approaching to the concept of time. This is a concept that revolved on other notions, such as death, ruin, change, memory amongst others. In this exhibition, artists from Colombia, Belgium and UK show several ways on the notion itself and how matter can be related to it.

Leyla Cardenas, as a special guest, presents her video "Deep Time" that questions the relation between time and space. She will have a talk on April 6 at 6.30pm

Awarded artist of the 51st Zagreb Salon, Croatia

Goran Skofic was awarded at the 51st Zagreb Salon for his video "On the Beach", video presented at Galerie Dix9 in 2018.

The Drawer volume 16 - Vert (Green)

Launch of the review The Drawer volume 16 and signature by Alexandre Benjamin Navet

Experimental (research/art)

projection of the video "On the Beach"

Material Insanity

The exhibition explores matter and its symbolic significance, in a plurality of dimensions and formal experiences, crossing various discourses in the service of a new aethetic.

Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos presents a multisensoriel installation "DO touch and smell". An installation that questions the physical connections existing between the viewer and the art work in an exhibition setting. In this work she offers visitors an opportunity to interact in a more direct and intimate way with the various materials present in the exhibition and reconsider along the way their experience of it. She collaborated with professional perfumers from Givaudan perfume to create an interpretation of the scent of materials found in the exhibition. Inside the installation, the visitor faces a large wall covered with hundreds of sorbaroards whose caps are made of stone, plaster, wool, sugar, iron...and each containing inside the fragrances attached to that same material. Visitors are encouragred to remove the cap and smell the fragrance while holding in their hand that material. Deprived from the all-too-obvious visual dimension of it, they can now engage into their own personal olfactory and tactile journey into the world of materials to capture their essence.

Luv and Lee

 Fine white sand meanders across the floor - the installation by Lena von Goedeke and Sophia Pompéry lends the exhibition space hase29 the atmosphere of a changeable and at the same time timeless landscape. Fragments of text hidden under the sand are exposed in an air stream or made to disappear by drifting. Everything appears fleeting and fragmentary.

Luv and Lee form the first cooperation between Lena von Goedeke (*1983) and Sophia Pompéry (*1984). A common point of departure for the subtle, ambiguous works of both artists is their interest in scientific phenomena. Pompéry and Goedeke deal in detail with borderline perceptual situations: with their own sense of absurdity, they show how unreliable, ambivalent and enigmatic perception is and how our resonance towards natural processes behaves.

"First nature was a model, today it has become an afterimage of art." (Martin Seel) The abyss of nature has fascinated us from time immemorial to the present day. Especially today - unlike in earlier times - we are no longer just indifferent viewers*, but we are beginning more and more to fear the consequences of our interventions on planet Earth and are already suspecting what could happen to nature and to us.

NATUR appears in the installation LUV UND LEE as an erratic image, as a sublime site of an intervention, in which the minimalist scenery creates an underlying disturbing irritation. Before our eyes and under our feet, "Luv und Lee" literally turns into compelling questions about ourselves and our ethics in dealing with an endlessly "used" nature. .....

Cookbook' 19

co-curated by Nicolas Bourriaud and Andrea Petrini

Assembling 25 chefs and 20 artists from around the world, Cookbook?19 explores through a large panorama the relationship between the future art of cooking and the edibleness of art. As the second chapter of a project first organised in 2013 at the the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the exhibition will be commissioned by the same team : the art critic, curator and co-founder of Palais de Tokyo Nicolas Bourriaud and food journalist, globetrotter, curator and creator of the World restaurant Awards, Andrea Petrini. Since trends in art and cuisine have evolved over the past five years, new criterias have emerged: Instagram potential, focus on microorganisms and their effects on the body (gluten free, vegan...), cultural identity, and globalization (appropriation, locavorism...).

The 2019 edition focuses on the unprecedented convergence of these subjects, highlighting an emerging generation of creators bound by a desire to interact with their environment and explore the stimulation of multiple senses. The choices of this new generation of chefs and artists are motivated by the exploration and incursion of each other's worlds: cooks will make live music or enable us to physically enter into the spirit of their dishes, while artists will try to push us to develop our sense of smell or taste.
Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos is presenting two puzzles and a video from her body of works "Chez Naussica" that revisits the definition of the Ancient Greek tradition of hospitality in the light of the current refugee crisis that has deeply transformed our relation to Otherness in Europe and beyond. 
For this project, she re-enacted the ancient tradition of hospitality in a series of dinner performances that invited small groups of twelve Greek locals, refugees and expats to share anonymously a family-style dinner. The human interactions and personal stories that unfolded during each meal acted as the starting point for her to create artworks  that explore the revealing of the Self and the construction of the relationship with the Other thru food.

Villa Heike and other stories

First exhibition in the renovated building that will host artist workshops. The show is curated by Pierre Granoux* & Michael Schäfer.
The building used to be the place where the Stasi stored its archives.

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recipient 1919 as a mid career artist Grants and Commissions program award

Leyla Cardenas, as a mid career artist, is the recipient 2019 for Grants and Commissions given by the Foundation Cisneros. The price includes a commission for a work that shall be exhibited at the Museo del Barrio in New York.


First Biennale of Young Artists from ex-Yugoslavia, curated by Sava Stepanov

Inhabiting the Mediterranean

Curated by Pedro Azara & Coordinated by Marta Arroyo Planelles

Herbert List, Anna Marín, Camille Henrot, Ali Cherri, Ursula Schulz-Dornburg, Marwan Rechmaoui, Rayyane Tabet, Susan Hefuna, Zarina Hashmi, Dora García, Le Corbusier, Ismaïl Bahri, Joan Hernández Pijuan, Juan Muñoz, Hrair Sarkissian, Sergi Aguilar, Gabriele Basilico, Abbas Kiarostami, Taysir Batniji, Jordi Colomer, José Manuel Ballester, Juan Uslé, Marie Menken, Maria Lai, Tonino Casula, Albert García-Alzórriz, Dieter Roth and Richard Hamilton, Till Roeskens, Massinissa Selmani, Anne-Marie Filaire, Mohammed Al-Hawajri, Majd Abdel Hamid, Khaled Jarrar, Rami Farah, Randa Mirza, Anila Rubiku, Kader Attia, Martin Parr, Vasantha Yogananthan, Julia Schulz-Dornburg, Carlos Spottorno, Corinne Silva, Yazan Khalili, Efrat Shvily.

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Living Structures: Art as a plural experience


As part of the Photofolies, Galerie Dix9 invites you to a conference at the Soulages Museum, Rodez.

Projection of Edih Roux's videos at 5pm and 5:45pm.

"The last 7 minutes, The spectactors and The parade"

Conference at 6:30 pm with Edith Roux and Benoit Decron

Auditorium of the Soulages Museum

Free entry

Fluvial Utopias: Prologue

Galerie Dix9 is pleased to share with you that Anne Deguelle participate in the exhibition Fluvial Utopia at the Maréchalerie at Versailles.

"The exhibition Fluvial Utopias, consists of hundreds of a hundred or so proposals still in the form of projects, a profusion of sketches, notes or plans to be made, in the making.

The themes addressed by the artists, architects, writers and authors are as much resonance to the place that welcomes them here as to other rivers, elsewhere, beyond the borders, beyond the present time."

Palindromes architecturaux

Conversation between Leyla Cardenas and Clémentine Marcelli, art historian.

October 8 at 19h

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Nuit Banche

Saturday October 6th - Free entrance

Created specially for the exhibition ""Ossip zadkine, L'instinct de la matière", for the event "Nuit Blanche", the performance by Esmeralda explore the process of creation, material traces and olfactory that the genisis of a work leaves in the space.

The Marvellous Cacophony

curators: Gunnarr B. Kvaran et Danielle Kvaran

At the beginning of 21st century, despite the fact that the Western notion of contemporary art has become an universal model of reference, no single common denominator has emerged. The art world has many centres, multi-layered activities, a plurality of ideas about what art is and what it can be, and an impressive number of heterogeneous works. This Marvellous Cacophony reflects the richness of the world. It is a positive condition, creating energies that can include dissonance and even conflicting ideas and expressions. It involves the coexistence of multiple identities and permanent relational flows, conveying notions of miscellany and openness, and creating meaningful narratives about art and culture, social issues and politics.

The Marvellous Cacophony will explore worldwide artistic production, looking into diverse art scenes and different generations of living artists. It will bring together a constellation of works that express, through their forms, structures, materials, techniques, devices and content, the extraordinary richness of contemporary artistic expression.

Loading... FOAM collection

The collection which is focused solely on contemporary photography is still constantly developing. 

Loading - Works from the Foam Collection shows a selection of the most recent additions from the last five years. It features work from 30 international photographers in a diverse exhibition that reflects Foam's exhibition programme.


10th Anniversary exhibition of the Museum,  curated by Charles Lindsay and Saoyu Su

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Picasso and contemporaries

Initiated by the Picasso Museum in Paris, the exhibition is part of a large program on Picasso and contemporary artists. Several exhibitions are presented in various Mediterranenian cities between 2017 and 2019.

The exhibition in the museum in Vence is titled "Eloge de la Fabrique".
Curator Laurent lebon

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Probability 0.33

exhibition organised by the association Pilotine and Museum Nicephore Niepce, France
curators: Floriane Doury, Anne Celine Borey and Emmanuelle Vieillard

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Møenlight Sonata - A homage to the starry sky of Møn

curator René Block

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Kunsthal 44Møen will put together a special constellation of stars under the lyric name "Møenlight Sonata", alluding to Beethoven's 14th sonata for piano, which he also referred to "quasi una fantasia". The show will present a cross-section of the Kunsthal's program so far, as well as newly commissioned works by artists from Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Great Britain and Turkey that are still new to the island. What connects the works of these individual artists is the specific use of light, as subject and material. Light (or the absence of it) is not only one of the oldest topics in art history, but also a special condition on Møn ? during the day, but also at night.The 10 year anniversary of Kunsthal 44Møen is conceived to be a summer festival, an invitation to all groups of local residents and visiting guests to celebrate the sky over Møn.


The focus of this group exhibition is the drawing material CHALK. Artists have been asked to produce new works with blackboard chalks and there are (inter)national loans by Joseph Beuys, Rudolf Steiner, Juan Munoz and Nemanja Nikolic.

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Follow me

curators : Peter Pfrunder and Shi Hantao
"Follow me" is an invitation to 5 Swiss and 5 Chinese artist as storrytellers, guiding the audience through the universe of images, but leave it up to the viewer to speculate about the so-called "truth". The exhibition was first shown at Shanghai in 2017.

No place like home

curator Adina Kamien-Kazhdan, the Israel Museum
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The Following Is a True Story

In March 2017 Mader was chosen by an international jury as the winner of the eleventh Foam Paul Huf Award. The winning series Ekaterina is part of an exhibition consisting of several projects that jointly form a narrative about a naive young man in search of happiness. 
His work stands out for the humour and irony with which he addresses serious topics such as loneliness, love, exploitation and the female body. Beneath the seeming superficiality of his images, his work contains many layers that can be interpreted in various ways. 
Mader plays a subtle game with what we believe to be true ? a game with which he confronts us with our own assumptions and prejudices. In this day and age, of ?fake news? and idealised user profiles on social media, Mader?s work demonstrates that the familiar question about the truthfulness of photography is still a relevant one.

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Academy (Working Title)

In­spired by the leg­endary ex­hi­bi­tion se­ries ?be­tween? (1969-1973), which emerged from stu­dent un­rest and protests against the in­sti­tu­tion ?par­tic­u­lar­ly among stu­dents of the Kun­stakademie? the Kun­sthalle
Düssel­dorf in­vites pro­fes­sors and stu­dents of the Düssel­dorf and Münster Kun­stakademies as well as the Kun­sthochschule für Me­di­en Köln (KHM) to Acade­my [Work­ing Ti­tle] to con­front from a crit­i­cal, con­tem­po­rary per­spec­tive a range of top­ics that at­tend the archive and to ne­go­ti­ate the sig­nif­i­cance of an his­tor­i­cal lega­cy as well as the prox­im­i­ty of in­sti­tu­tions and academies in the Rhein­land to the pro­duc­tion of art.

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10 ans Prix StudioCollector

The Leal Rios Foundation presents the PRIX STUDIO COLLECTOR and formalizes partnership with Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains and with Temps d'Images.

Pierre Mazingarbe "What makes me take the train", 14'45" (Prize Studio Collector / Le Fresnoy 2013 - prize awarded by Myriam and Jacques Salomon)

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French Landscapes, a photographic adventure 1984-2017

Les Dépossédés / Dystopie

This exhibition is part of "Mois de la Photo"

Meeting with Edith Roux and Dilnur Rayan on November, 3 at 6.30pm

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Life a User's Manual

Contemporary Art Biennale supported by Art Encounters' Foundation.
Curators Ami Barak and Diana Marincu
Entitled Life a User's Manual, the central exhibition curated by Ami Barak and Diana Marincu, will survey and compile fragments from everyday life, as seen in both current artistic practices and historical art projects from the 1960s onwards.

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To be a stone

Noëlle Chabert et Jessica Castex

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German 8

German Art in China
8 exhibition venues in public institutions

In response to the successful inter-city exhibition "China 8 - Contemporary Art from China" in the Rhine and Ruhr Area in 2015, the Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur e.V. (Foundation for Art and Culture) and the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing present the much anticipated exhibition "Deutschland 8" for 2017.
The exhibition aims to bring closer the diversity of the German art scene with established and emerging positions to the Chinese audience.

Artists : Franz Ackermann | Horst Antes | Stephan Balkenhol | Georg Baselitz | Hilla und Bernd Becher | Joseph Beuys | Peter Brüning | Abraham David Christian  Hanne Darboven | Thomas Demand | Harun Farocki  Günther Förg | Katharina Fritsch | Isa Genzken | K.O. Götz | Gotthard Graubner | Katharina Grosse  Andreas Gursky | Gerhard Hoehme | Candida Höfer |  Jörg Immendorff | Hubert Kiecol | Anselm Kiefer  Martin Kippenberger | Jürgen Klauke | Imi Knoebel | Uwe Kowski | Alicja Kwade | Markus Lüpertz
Andreas Mühe | Marcel Odenbach | Albert Oehlen | A.R. Penck | Sigmar Polke | Julius Popp | Neo Rauch  Daniel Richter | Gerhard Richter | Sebastian Riemer | Julian Rosefeldt | Thomas Ruff | Michael Sailstorfer  David Schnell | Bernard Schultze | Emil Schumacher | Katharina Sieverding | Andreas Slominski | Hito Steyerl | Thomas Struth | Fred Thieler | Rosemarie Trockel | Günther Uecker | Jorinde Voigt | Clemens von Wedemeyer | Matthias Weischer

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The materiality of the Invisible

Organised by Jan van Eyck Academy, Marres and Bureau Europa, the exhibition is located in the three spaces in Maastricht, NL.

A reflex on contemporary art as a form of archeology.

The weight of Things

Solo show at the Sala Gasco of Contemporary Art, curated by José Roca.

Fifteen new large works have been produced from remains of previous works. They are a new step in the artist conceptual practice, who always focus on the metamorphosis of material.

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Der Schein der Dinge

solo show by Sophia Pompéry

Sophia Pompéry is a keen observer. With a phenomenological vision onto the world she questions the deceptive appearance of things and opens up unusual perspectives on apparently well-known objects and conditions. At studio space 45cbm she presents a set of works, that pay homage to the elusive moment, with a focus on the transition from one state of being to another. In a playful experimental set-up physical and optical regularities are being fathomed out, and philosophical questions concerning space, time and self are raised.

Follow me

curators : Peter Pfrunder and Shi Hantao

"Follow me" is an invitation by 5 Swiss and 5 Chinese artist as storrytellers, guiding the audience through the universe of images, but leave it up to the viewer to speculate about the so-called "truth".

more information

Talk with Romain Mader

Discussion of an artistic fiction
Simon Baker, Curator of Photography and International Art, Tate Modern, London;
Olga Bubich, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Journalism, Belarusian State University, Minsk, initiator of the ?Petition to reconsider the results of The Foam Paul Huf Award 2017?
Romain Mader, artist and winner of the Foam Paul Huf Award 2017, NL
Nadine Wietlisbach, Director/Curator Photoforum Pasquart, Biel/Bienne, CH
Chaired by Doris Gassert, Research Curator Fotomuseum Winterthur, CH

Home - so Different, so Appealing

Organized in collaboration with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Home?So Different, So Appealing features U.S. Latino and Latin American artists from the late 1950s to the present who have used the deceptively simple idea of "home" as a powerful lens through which to view the profound socioeconomic and political transformations in the hemisphere.

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Luther and the Avant-Garde

This large exhibition on Luther and the Avant-Garde takes place in 3 locations : the ancient jail in Wittenberg (central exhibition), Berlin (St Matthieu's church) and Kassel (Karlskirche).
The exhibition gathers 70 artists, such as Anselm Kieefer, Olafur Eliasson, Gilbert & George, Maurizio Cattelan or Adrian Ghenie.

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Building as ever

2nd California Pacific Triennial, Located at the OCMA, in Newport Beach near South Los Angeles

Curated by OCMA Senior Curator Cassandra Coblentz.
This thought-provoking exhibition explores the topic of architecture and the temporal precariousness of the built environment. Among the issues to be addressed are the recording of history and preservation; the concept of home and displacement; and the influence of global power, economics, and political systems on global construction. 

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The third edition of this international fine art and creation biennal focuses on Chile.

Paula de Solminihac will present two specific art works commissioned for the Salon.

More information

Art and Film-120 years of exchange

Curated by Dominique Païni, the exhibition explores the influence of the visual arts on film, and vice versa.

From Monet to David Lynch, via Chaplin, Hitchcock and Dalí. The show gathers 300 pieces by 150 artists and film-makers, including paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs, to reflect the dialogue between the avant-garde in art and the cinema of the same era. The exhibition also displays costumes, posters, models and screenings of excerpts from over 60 films.


curator Florian Ebner

exhibition with works bt Thomas Ruff, Sebastian Riemer and Bogomir Ecker

more info

Drawing Biennale

curators Mary Doyle & Kate Macfarlane

launching week end

Opening for just a week end to announce the launch of Fimlico Foundation in Romainville, France. An old factory that will be renovated to host exhibitions and artist residencies.

Ephemeral exhibition with 19 artists on Feb 25 and 26 : Mikala Dwyer (la Chaufferie), Lara Almarcegui - Kristin Arndt - Baptiste Caccia - Lynne Cohen - Paula de Solminihac - Thomas Hauri - Romain Kronenberg - Gabriel Léger - Angelica Mesiti - Hiroaki Morita - Yoshua Okon - Mateo Imbernon - Maxime Rossi - Jani Ruscica - Benjamin Testa - France Valiccioni - Barbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca - Hannelore van Dijck


No place like home

In celebration of Dada?s 100th anniversary in 2016 and the centennial of Duchamp?s Fountain in 2017, the exhibition examines how artists have incorporated commonplace household items into their work, removing them from the context of the home in ways that subvert the mundane experiences of daily life.

exhibition curated by Adina Kamien-Kazhdan

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Illegibility, Palimpsests

The Pan Tadeusz Museum in Wroclaw is a place where history and modernity come together. Based on the best traditions of Polish Romanticism, it continues to promote the most vivid and active aspects of Polish culture, seeking a language which makes it possible to present the cultural legacy of this great work of literary art in a contemporary context, allowing room for reinterpretation

The phenomenon of illegibility and the accumulation of layers of script is the subject of the new temporary exhibition at the Pan Tadeusz Museum. The exhibition includes works e.g. by Andrzej Bednarczyk, Irma Blank, Zbigniew Libera and Andrzej Szewczyk.

Most of us have experienced writing down a note which is later illegible, even to ourselves; it has occurred to almost everyone that we failed to decipher someone else's scribbling, or have come across a system of signs that we couldn't understand. How do we feel then: irritated, helpless, powerless? Or perhaps, in those conditions, when the desire for meaning evades us so blatantly, do we discover perception of different kind, where the script becomes a material phenomenon in itself, a fascinating ornament, a code without information? We see scripts which are visible, but not legible.
The notion of a palimpsest appears to be closely related to illegibility. This term describes a manuscript written on previously used material. A palimpsest involves layers of overwritten script, in which the old layers eventually begin to reappear from below the new, making the writing less legible, if at all.

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Art and Film, 120 years of exchanges

Curated by Dominique Païni, the exhibition explores the influence of the visual arts on film, and vice versa.

From Monet to David Lynch, via Chaplin, Hitchcock and Dalí. The show gathers 300 pieces by 150 artists and film-makers, including paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs, to reflect the dialogue between the avant-garde in art and the cinema of the same era. The exhibition also displays costumes, posters, models and screenings of excerpts from over 60 films.

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Au plus pres du réel

exhibition of works from the FRAC collection

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Medusa suite

text, music and video by Sheila Concari
with Emmanuelle Riva

Sunday Nov 20 at 3pm

Projection of two movies : De Lola à Laila by Milena Bochet et Antonio, Lindo, Antonio by Ana Maria Gomes (duration circa 2 hours). In presence of the film directors.

Followed by a visit of the show by the curator Theo Mario Coppola


curators : Stella Bache and Claudia Maria Luenig

The Pleasure of Love

Curated by David Elliott, this 56th October Salon will concentrate on what role emotion plays in contemporary art and how it may be framed in ways that are neither banal nor kitsch. This may include the not-so-simple pleasures of love, humor, horror and any other perspectives that art may bring to bear on the fragility of human experience and life which, in itself, may have a transient or long-lasting impact.

The Pleasure of Love, the 56th October Salon, will be composed of around 60 artists from Serbia, the Balkan region and the world at large chosen directly by the Artistic Director and from an open submission.  The Salon will take place in Belgrade City Museum and in Cultural Center of Belgrade (Art gallery, Artget gallery and Podroom gallery)

Line and Dot

The line and the dot, these ancient characters of script, become cues for two radical and experimental artworks exhibited during Appropriating Language #17, in Manière Noire. With both pieces: Und Punkt as well as Häuserzeilen. 1600 Meter Monostichon, Sophia Pompéry examines the visual form of writing, given extreme amplifications.

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Liber Numericus

An exhibition curted by Anaïs Guilet, Soline Haudouin, Aurélie Tiffreau and Stereolux. 
With the collaboration of ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Galerie Dix9 Hélène Lacharmoise and GALLERIA CONTINUA, San Gimignano / Beijing / Les Moulins / Habana.

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that's how the light gets in

exhibition of the winners of the Prize given by the Rhenany Westphalie Art Foundation

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City after the City

At the heart of the debate about the future of urban planning in the twenty-first century is the idea that the city must go beyond the combination of values and motivations that make it what it is today.

The City after the City exhibitions, which form an authentic string of events, present a succession of situations that illustrate a longing for a different kind of city. They avoid the trap of nostalgia for some mythical ideal city, and make no claim to reach the place where our real origins are rooted. If we admit that cities are no longer able to self-certify traditions and roots, then we can say we are facing a divisive event of great impact, which above all testifies to the opaque nature of today?s urban model. City after the City examines the symptoms of a global trend towards going beyond the conventional city. These symptoms are displayed to the general public in an effective manner

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Performance de River Lin et Tsao Tsu Tien

T'Ain't Nobody's Business if I Do

Anila Rubiku who is featuring her new work about chains and their collective meaning as universal signifiers; for the enigma of love, loss and longing. Rubiku has married lyrics from the American blues songbook to her sculpture, silk screens, charcoal works.

Artist portrait in alter ego

This exhibition is part of the Festival "Normandie Impressionniste"

curator : Véronique Souben

De leur temps(5), ADIAF collectors

"De leur temps" is the fith edition of a triennale exhibition, showing the most recent works acquired by French collectors of the Association ADIAF

Jonction - works from the CRP collection

Edith Roux, photography in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, 2009/2011


Art and Ceramics from Rodin and Schütte

Large-scale exhibition about the use of ceramics by 20th and 21st century artists, in cooperation with La Maison Rouge in Paris and the Cité de la Céramique in Sèvres.
Curators Camille Morineau and Lucia Pesapane

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Even the dust remains

solo exhibition after a 6 months artist residency

edition of a catalogue, available at the gallery

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Between the pessimism of the intellect and the optimism of the will

The title of the main exhibition* is inspired by an aphorism invoked by the Marxist thinker and politician Antonio Gramsci in the Prison notebooks written between 1929 and 1935. Gramsci wrote : "the challenge of modernity is to live without illusions and without becoming disillusionned (...) I'm pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will".

The exhibition takes Gramsci's aphorism as a point of departure to reflect on the current crisis that governs much of the Mediterranean region, the geographic focus of the Biennale.

*Between the Pessimism of the Intellect and the Optimism of the Will"

Main exhibition curated by Katerina Gregos

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My Buenos Aires

Group exhibition

Curators : Paula Aisemberg et Albertine de Galbert

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Claiming the Echo

 LOOP Discovery Prize 2015

projection at the gallery on Sunday June 14, from 2pm to 7pm

A contresens de l'oubli

Exhibition of works from the collection of the Frac Midi-Pyrenees

curator : Olivier Michelon

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Pantin, Paris

The film Moonkup, les noces d'hémophile is in competition in the fiction program.

Projections to the movies 104: June 12 at 18h, 14 June at 18:30 and June 17 at 22h

Synopsis : Like all the women of Europe, Eva gives blood for lasting peace with vampires ..

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And other identities...

third part of an exhibition about identity shown at Pavillon Vendôme, contemporary art center of the city of Clichy, close to Paris

curators : Guillaume Lasserre and Charline Guibert

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Fourth book written by Sheila Concari, with images by the author, "Countdown is a book with various go and back, in any direction. Inside, outside, in the sky, on earth and even undergraound : the text goes fluent as a river, with no rest. It's timeless , everything is possible.

Mincione Editions, Rome, 2015

Los pedimentos

"Los pedimentos" est une installation spécifique réalisée dans le cadre de "All the world's Future".
Les sculptures ont été faites par les détenus de la Maison de réclusion pour femmes à la Giudecca.

commissaire : Okwui Enwezor

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Ailleurs en Folie Casablanca

exhibition at La Maison Folie, part of Mons 2015, european cultural capital.

curator Alya Sebti

RV sur la Corniche

The French/Moroccan artist Mehdi-Georges Lahlou is the enfant terrible of an art that does not exist. Or not yet, since he is in the process of inventing it. His works navigate between North and South, between cultures, between several media, between multiple intertwined notions. From this dual identity Mehdi-Georges Lahlou guides us into his interior world. He raises burlesque to a high art status, playing with the symbols of the Muslim tradition.

As part of the festival “Return to Sender," HAU Hebbel am Ufer presents a selection of his works – one of them is a very special version of Nefertiti. 

curator Ricardo Carmona

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Sous les voiles même

First solo exhibition by Mehdi-Georges Lahlou in Marocco.

O Wlos! / By a hair!

curator: dr hab. Marta Smoliska, Associate Professor, University of Arts
The exhibition will present works in which hair are the focus of all attention: in painting and drawing or where hair were used as material in video and installations. Hair become a motif which, depending on the context of their use of presentation, speaks about identity, social conflicts, history, religious precepts and prohibitions, the status of women, sexuality, sensuality etc.
Contributing artists: Krystyna Piotrowska, Aleksandra Ska, Servet Kocygit (Turkey), Sara Skaaning (Denmark), Pawe Matyszewski, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Magorzata Wielek-Mandrela, Ula Kluz-Knopek, Beata Szczepaniak, Zofia Krawiec, Justyna Or?owska, Beata Szczepaniak, Sophia Pompery (Germany).

Under Erasure

Contemporary art is rife with erasures. Erasures are visible in it, present as themselves in various ways. The subject of the works in the exhibition is what was once a covert stage in the process of creation. Unlike observing works whose wholeness and meaning depend on hidden parts, the current gaze is focused on the contradictory presence of the erased and on the erased/visible relationship as a signification factor.


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Fragments of an Empire

curators : David Elliott & Rachel Rits-Volloch

featuring Kader Attia, Lut Becker, Theo Eshetu, Amir Fattal, Gülsun Karamustafa, Fiona Parkington et Sopia Pompéry

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#Crosswords 2

an exhibition about text based art
selected by Pierre Granous & Jordan Seydous

image : Sophia Pompéry - der letze Punkt aus "die Leiden des junge Werther" by Goethe (series Und Punkt, 2013)

avec Art & Language, Georg Baselitz, Patxi Bergé, James Brooks, Ursula Döbereiner, Maurice Doherty, Reinhard Doubrawa, Adib Fricke, Pierre Granoux, Alekos Hofstetter, Annette Hollywood, Mark Lammert, P. Nicolas Ledoux, Nanne Meyer, François Morellet, Alexander Negrelli, Sophia Pompéry, Marc Rebollo, Lawrence Weiner and others

Festival of Future Nows

Work by Sophia Pompéry :
Weather Chart
, 2014
2 banners, light sensitive ink on polyester


Group exhibition with works which use light as the main material

curator : Michel Nuridsany, historian and art critic

with Martine Aballea - Michel Blazy - Véronique Boudier - Daniel Buren - Jean Daviot - Anne Deguelle - Rodolphe Delaunay - Erik Dietman - Sophie Dubosc - Alain Fleischer - Michel François - Jacob Gautel - + Jason Karaindros - Carsten Höller - Pierre Huyghe - Ann Veronica Janssens - Jugnet + Clairet - Bertrand Lavier - Ange Leccia - Claude Lévêque - Arik Levy - Bérénice Merlet - François Morellet - Andréa Nacciarriti - Stéphane Nicolaev - Laurent Pernot - Pierre Petit - Géraldine Py et Roberto Verde - Jean-Claude Ruggirello - Jeanne Susplugas - T - Alan Vega

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Digital Life

International festival organised by the Foundation RomaEuropa in order to promote contemporary art, theater, dance and music

The exhibition "Digital Life" is located at La Pelanda

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Cent ans de création

Just opened, this museum for Modern and Contemporary Art is currently showing Maroccan artists

Fear and Desire

new cinematic works by Julian Rosefeldt, Christoph Girardet & Matthias Muller, Reynold Reynolds, Clement Page, Marion Tampon-Lajarriette
+ new sculptures by Mattia Biagi

There are few subjects in the study of cinema that are quite as salient as fear & desire. Freud, Lacan, Lyotard and dozens more have written about the desiring, or libidinal, function of the cinematic, while semioticians such as Christian Metz have described how such voyeuristic mechanisms such as distance, displacement and lack are part and parcel of the filmic experience as well. ?What distinguishes the cinema,? writes Metz, ?is an extra reduplication, a supplementary and specific turn of the screw bolting desire to lack? which is partly why the cinema is so very well-suited to handling erotic scenes, which depend so heavily on direct, non-sublimated voyeurism.?

Co-curated by Clement Page, the exhibition Fear & Desire at Young Projects will feature 7 films by some of Europe?s most respected artists. Each medium-to-short work explores the theme of fear & desire, both as a topic and as a formal concern, and yet no two approaches are alike.

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Second Nature

Exhibition in the Chronicles of Possible Worlds
event Marseille Provence 2013

Quinzaine Photographique Nantaise

Stasi/secret rooms - Daniel & Geo Fuchs

Daniel & Geo Fuchs