Théâtre d'ombres

Aristide Barraud, Leila Danziger, Anne Deguelle, Karine Hoffman, Niyaz Najafov, Sebastian Riemer, Slobodan Stosic, Yang Yi

Shadow theater

01/30/2021 - 03/13/2021

In reference to Asian shadow plays, Theater of Shadows, an exhibition of contemporary art, revisits the projected puppetry of shadows with its mixture of dream and nostalgia, light and shadow, memory and forgetfulness.  "Shadows are not what a vain people think; they are dreams through art: a world, an immense world," wrote Robert Hautiez in an article in the newspaper "Ombres et Lumières."  We are talking here about suggestion, led by the idea of obscure or at least not of the obvious. A theatre of suggestion that is not without a ...

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