La Fabrique du Temps - Acte 2

Aristide Barraud, Françoise Coutant, Camille Fallet, Katia Kameli, Vincent Lemaire, Louisa Marajo, Clément Perrin, Sophia Pompéry, Sebastian Riemer, Paula de Solminihac

Interpretation of Time - Act 2

08/30/2020 - 10/03/2020

As a follow up to the exhibit La Fabrique du Temps (Interpretation of Time), with its theme of analyzing the interpretation of time and its materialization, Act 2 focuses on an approach where the predominant idea is the resurgence of the past in the present world. Testimony of a world gone or collapsing, reactivation of a past image or an abandoned place, revelation of the horrors of time or fantasies of a golden age, so many proposals of artists from diverse backgrounds questioning the relevance of memory and history in the present world and to come.

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