Artist portrait in alter ego

This exhibition is part of the Festival "Normandie Impressionniste"

curator : Véronique Souben

De leur temps(5), ADIAF collectors

"De leur temps" is the fith edition of a triennale exhibition, showing the most recent works acquired by French collectors of the Association ADIAF

Even the dust remains

solo exhibition after a 6 months artist residency

edition of a catalogue, available at the gallery

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A contresens de l'oubli

Exhibition of works from the collection of the Frac Midi-Pyrenees

curator : Olivier Michelon

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And other identities...

third part of an exhibition about identity shown at Pavillon Vendôme, contemporary art center of the city of Clichy, close to Paris

curators : Guillaume Lasserre and Charline Guibert

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Ailleurs en Folie Casablanca

exhibition at La Maison Folie, part of Mons 2015, european cultural capital.

curator Alya Sebti

RV sur la Corniche

The French/Moroccan artist Mehdi-Georges Lahlou is the enfant terrible of an art that does not exist. Or not yet, since he is in the process of inventing it. His works navigate between North and South, between cultures, between several media, between multiple intertwined notions. From this dual identity Mehdi-Georges Lahlou guides us into his interior world. He raises burlesque to a high art status, playing with the symbols of the Muslim tradition.

As part of the festival “Return to Sender," HAU Hebbel am Ufer presents a selection of his works – one of them is a very special version of Nefertiti. 

curator Ricardo Carmona

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Sous les voiles même

First solo exhibition by Mehdi-Georges Lahlou in Marocco.

Cent ans de création

Just opened, this museum for Modern and Contemporary Art is currently showing Maroccan artists

Simpson & Stone: A Special Selection of African & Oceanic Art from the Allan Stone Collection

Nass Belgique, Maroccon immigraton in Belgium

Curators: A. Madhoune, M. Papazoglou, N. Levy