Fluvial Utopias: Prologue

Galerie Dix9 is pleased to share with you that Anne Deguelle participate in the exhibition Fluvial Utopia at the Maréchalerie at Versailles.

"The exhibition Fluvial Utopias, consists of hundreds of a hundred or so proposals still in the form of projects, a profusion of sketches, notes or plans to be made, in the making.

The themes addressed by the artists, architects, writers and authors are as much resonance to the place that welcomes them here as to other rivers, elsewhere, beyond the borders, beyond the present time."


Picasso and contemporaries

Initiated by the Picasso Museum in Paris, the exhibition is part of a large program on Picasso and contemporary artists. Several exhibitions are presented in various Mediterranenian cities between 2017 and 2019.

The exhibition in the museum in Vence is titled "Eloge de la Fabrique".
Curator Laurent lebon

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To be a stone

Noëlle Chabert et Jessica Castex

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Au plus pres du réel

exhibition of works from the FRAC collection

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Group exhibition with works which use light as the main material

curator : Michel Nuridsany, historian and art critic

with Martine Aballea - Michel Blazy - Véronique Boudier - Daniel Buren - Jean Daviot - Anne Deguelle - Rodolphe Delaunay - Erik Dietman - Sophie Dubosc - Alain Fleischer - Michel François - Jacob Gautel - + Jason Karaindros - Carsten Höller - Pierre Huyghe - Ann Veronica Janssens - Jugnet + Clairet - Bertrand Lavier - Ange Leccia - Claude Lévêque - Arik Levy - Bérénice Merlet - François Morellet - Andréa Nacciarriti - Stéphane Nicolaev - Laurent Pernot - Pierre Petit - Géraldine Py et Roberto Verde - Jean-Claude Ruggirello - Jeanne Susplugas - T - Alan Vega

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Melancolia 2014

Mélancolia 2014, site specific installation inspired by the famous Albrecht Dürer etching.
capel Notre-Dame de Joie, Le Gohazé, Saint-Thuriau - France

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Nouveau Festival

curator : Bernard Blistène