10 ans Prix StudioCollector

The Leal Rios Foundation presents the PRIX STUDIO COLLECTOR and formalizes partnership with Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains and with Temps d'Images.

Pierre Mazingarbe "What makes me take the train", 14'45" (Prize Studio Collector / Le Fresnoy 2013 - prize awarded by Myriam and Jacques Salomon)

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Pantin, Paris

The film Moonkup, les noces d'hémophile is in competition in the fiction program.

Projections to the movies 104: June 12 at 18h, 14 June at 18:30 and June 17 at 22h

Synopsis : Like all the women of Europe, Eva gives blood for lasting peace with vampires ..

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As part of its programme of preliminary events, R4, the plastic and visual arts portal on Ile Seguin in France, is created a new festival devoted to video art, together with four international art schools ((Harvard University in Cambridge, Head in Geneva, ENSBA in Paris and Le Fresnoy in Tourcoing).

Projection and ceremony of awwards at the cinema La Pagode in Paris on June 26

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The film "what makes me take the train" by Pierre Mazingarbe has been selected for the prize

Le film "Ce qui m'a fait prendre le train" , de Pierre Mazingarbe, est en compétition nationale du festival de court-metrages de Pantin.

Projection at Cinéma 104 à Pantin :

Thursday June 12 at 10pm
Saturday June 15 at 6pm, official projection with the presence of the artists
Wednesday June 18 at 6pm

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Diffusion of the film "what makes me take the train" in the programme  Mickrociné on the TV channel Canal+ Cinéma

June 1 at 10.16, June 3 at 7;44am, June 5 at 5pm and June - at 7.24am and 3.18 am

Film projection "Ce qui me fait prendre le train"

Film projection "Ce qui me fait prendre le train" by Pierre Mazingarde

Winner 2013 StudioCollector Price (Video prize initiated by Isabelle and Jean-Conrad Lemaitre)

Every Saturday and Sunday at 14:30
January 15 to March 15, 2014 at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris.

A meeting with the artist will be held Wednesday, March 5 to 18.