Mřenlight Sonata - A homage to the starry sky of Mřn

curator René Block

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Kunsthal 44Mřen will put together a special constellation of stars under the lyric name "Mřenlight Sonata", alluding to Beethoven's 14th sonata for piano, which he also referred to "quasi una fantasia". The show will present a cross-section of the Kunsthal's program so far, as well as newly commissioned works by artists from Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Great Britain and Turkey that are still new to the island. What connects the works of these individual artists is the specific use of light, as subject and material. Light (or the absence of it) is not only one of the oldest topics in art history, but also a special condition on Mřn ? during the day, but also at night.The 10 year anniversary of Kunsthal 44Mřen is conceived to be a summer festival, an invitation to all groups of local residents and visiting guests to celebrate the sky over Mřn.

Der Schein der Dinge

solo show by Sophia Pompéry

Sophia Pompéry is a keen observer. With a phenomenological vision onto the world she questions the deceptive appearance of things and opens up unusual perspectives on apparently well-known objects and conditions. At studio space 45cbm she presents a set of works, that pay homage to the elusive moment, with a focus on the transition from one state of being to another. In a playful experimental set-up physical and optical regularities are being fathomed out, and philosophical questions concerning space, time and self are raised.

Illegibility, Palimpsests

The Pan Tadeusz Museum in Wroclaw is a place where history and modernity come together. Based on the best traditions of Polish Romanticism, it continues to promote the most vivid and active aspects of Polish culture, seeking a language which makes it possible to present the cultural legacy of this great work of literary art in a contemporary context, allowing room for reinterpretation

The phenomenon of illegibility and the accumulation of layers of script is the subject of the new temporary exhibition at the Pan Tadeusz Museum. The exhibition includes works e.g. by Andrzej Bednarczyk, Irma Blank, Zbigniew Libera and Andrzej Szewczyk.

Most of us have experienced writing down a note which is later illegible, even to ourselves; it has occurred to almost everyone that we failed to decipher someone else's scribbling, or have come across a system of signs that we couldn't understand. How do we feel then: irritated, helpless, powerless? Or perhaps, in those conditions, when the desire for meaning evades us so blatantly, do we discover perception of different kind, where the script becomes a material phenomenon in itself, a fascinating ornament, a code without information? We see scripts which are visible, but not legible.
The notion of a palimpsest appears to be closely related to illegibility. This term describes a manuscript written on previously used material. A palimpsest involves layers of overwritten script, in which the old layers eventually begin to reappear from below the new, making the writing less legible, if at all.

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Line and Dot

The line and the dot, these ancient characters of script, become cues for two radical and experimental artworks exhibited during Appropriating Language #17, in Maničre Noire. With both pieces: Und Punkt as well as Häuserzeilen. 1600 Meter Monostichon, Sophia Pompéry examines the visual form of writing, given extreme amplifications.

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O Wlos! / By a hair!

curator: dr hab. Marta Smoliska, Associate Professor, University of Arts
The exhibition will present works in which hair are the focus of all attention: in painting and drawing or where hair were used as material in video and installations. Hair become a motif which, depending on the context of their use of presentation, speaks about identity, social conflicts, history, religious precepts and prohibitions, the status of women, sexuality, sensuality etc.
Contributing artists: Krystyna Piotrowska, Aleksandra Ska, Servet Kocygit (Turkey), Sara Skaaning (Denmark), Pawe Matyszewski, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Magorzata Wielek-Mandrela, Ula Kluz-Knopek, Beata Szczepaniak, Zofia Krawiec, Justyna Or?owska, Beata Szczepaniak, Sophia Pompery (Germany).

Fragments of an Empire

curators : David Elliott & Rachel Rits-Volloch

featuring Kader Attia, Lut Becker, Theo Eshetu, Amir Fattal, Gülsun Karamustafa, Fiona Parkington et Sopia Pompéry

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#Crosswords 2

an exhibition about text based art
selected by Pierre Granous & Jordan Seydous

image : Sophia Pompéry - der letze Punkt aus "die Leiden des junge Werther" by Goethe (series Und Punkt, 2013)

avec Art & Language, Georg Baselitz, Patxi Bergé, James Brooks, Ursula Döbereiner, Maurice Doherty, Reinhard Doubrawa, Adib Fricke, Pierre Granoux, Alekos Hofstetter, Annette Hollywood, Mark Lammert, P. Nicolas Ledoux, Nanne Meyer, François Morellet, Alexander Negrelli, Sophia Pompéry, Marc Rebollo, Lawrence Weiner and others

Festival of Future Nows

Work by Sophia Pompéry :
Weather Chart
, 2014
2 banners, light sensitive ink on polyester

Vertigo of Reality

How does today's art alter reality? How do aesthetic production and political, social space interact with each other?

with Marina Abramovic, Art+COM, Herman Asselberghs, Alexander Bruce, Peter Campus, Andrea Clemens, Thomas Demand, Ariana Dongus, Olafur Eliasson, Valie Export, Christian Falsnaes, Harun Farocki, Rosa Feigs, Hamish Fulton, Jochen Gerz, Dan Graham, gold extra, Lars Harzem/ Bastian Schmidt, Alex Hay, Jeppe Hein, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Richard Kriesche, Bjřrn Melhus, Sarah Möller/ Christian Brinkmann/ David Wiesner, Molleindustria, Bruce Nauman, Julian Oliver/ Danja Vasiliev, Trevor Paglen, Paidia Institute, Nam June Paik, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Sophia Pompéry, Franz Reimer, Ulrike Rosenbach, Tino Sehgal, Tale of Tales, Nasan Tur, Bill Viola, Giny Vos, Thomas Wrede.

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Art and Health

Sanofi Headquarters, Potsdamer Platz 8, Berlin.

Miriam JONAS | Caroline KRYZECKI | Ulrike MOHR |  Sophia
POMPÉRY/Sebastian RIEMER | Maren ROLOFF | Bettina SCHOLZ (shows Antonius BLOCK) | Aiko TEZUKA | Timm ULRICHS | Sinta WERNER

Pompéry & Scholl
Bredowstraße 35a, 4. OG
10551 Berlin-Moabit

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