Slobodan Stosic's practice is mostly based on communicating and re-thinking processes and politics of exhibitions, and question "contemporary" in art. Stosic's process is context responsible, every work has it's own narration, that becomes some kind of social fiction that problematize responsibility of an image. Such conceptual practice brings the artist to compose some pieces that could never have market value and must be shared, some others question the idea of an art product with a value, and some exist only as a document.

"In my practice I try to think possibility as a subjective category, and by acting and producing art to question: can those principles be thought in art, by constantly responding to context, developing a method, a principle, allowing the responses to feed back in to the structure. My interests are based in contingency, questioning the responsibility of an image and contemporary art as speculative opportunity.

With analytical approach, continuous and systematic reduction within (various) media, I intend to search for forms that are metalinguistic, to step aside and react to an existing state, by collecting and reorganizing insights in individual and social action. Using the idea as a medium, staged setups and situations become part of a temporary (ex) interior, and are never repeated, only re-developed to a certain context as an attempt to find possible decisions.