The artistic and educational work of Paula de Solminihac, visual artist, teacher at the capital´s Catholic University in Santiago de Chile, and director of the art and educational project Nube (Cloud), revolve around the idea of practice as the basis for the humanization of life.

Focused on the making itself as the problematic center of the current creative, artistic and educational field, Paula de Solminihac constantly moves from the empirical and corporal work to the intellectual and conceptual one.

"My whole day is like being in the studio. I'm fascinated indiscriminately about all kind of things and I like that mental distraction that I later try to organize from scat to form, from doubt to name, in a circular never ending process."

As archeologist of her own work, the artist uses production strategies inspired in the fieldwork approach, digging up and organizing the notes and vestiges of everyday life, trying to assemble an archive of shatter codes that become useless because of their lack of exactitude and high complexity.