In a matter that traditionally uses heavy materials, Francoise Coutant created sculptures of a singular lightness. A lightness that result not only in materials (feathers, dandelion, eggshells or snails, poppies) but also in words used to reveal the idea behind its forms. Those light works therefore set delicately something as evanescent as dreams, from real to unreal or even surreal.

The artist managed to give substance to abstract concepts. She spoke of time through a hourglass but transformed it into corset (Another Time). She questioned the origin of things with this huge hen whose feathers are made of paper prints of leaves - standing in an cage opened  to the wind, which houses a small sized egg (The hen or the egg). An egg that often appeared in the world of the artist. An egg as fragile as existence. As in many of her works, mixing life and death, telling the ephemeral of things.

Francoise Coutant liked to hang her sculptures to invisible threads, thus making them wandering in the air. Like this armchair made of dandelions that become as light as air or the stairs that lead to improbable elsewhere.

Always working with humor, the artist liked to take a walk with a cloud (Promenoir à nuage), or create special items like  Nombril aviaire (Egg Navel ) or  Artist's Divan  made of eggshells.

Francoise Coutant's works lead us into her poetic world, far above the conventions, far above the ordinary.