The work of Marion Tampon-Lajarriette explores how the image haunts our memory and perception. Using the tools of contemporary digital culture, she constantly adopts various modes of actions to engage and produce an experience of wandering through images in the general consciousness of the audience. She leads us to new territories that allow physical and mental wanderings, which branch apart like the process of travelling through memories.

" You have to picture the artist as an ant finding the grainy surface of the images directly under its feet, or as a mole exploring galleries in all their virtual depth. In this case, «virtual» doesn't imply reality reduced to its sign but the resources found at the margins of or beneath the image, which are also memory's secret areas of communication. You can fall into an image    (The Viewers, The Sleepwalker), wander around in it (îles / elles), explore its surface in an endless tracking shot which becomes indistinguishable from long static movement, from a kind of crawling of the image itself (Erehwon)... In these different forms of motion, there's something both strange and obvious."

Elie During, 2012