Edith Roux is fascinated with mutating areas, and her photography is hybrid, both documentary and fiction. The places shown are real and virtual at the same time and are related to both issues that preoccupy this artist : surveillance and the wastelands.

Edith Roux questions societies both seriously and worrying, but she always does with a touch of poetry.

For instance, she made a photographic series and videos on the Ouighours, a Muslim and Turkish population living in a rich province in China,  which is being "Depossessed" of its culture by the Chinese.

Walled Out is a work on gated communities.  These secured residential enclaves are a new form of peri-urban area which has developed within American middle class.  A low horizon is set and a person in front has her back turned to the viewer, but this image goes beyond romantic painting as this person is faced with her own estrangement..

To illustrate her humour and poetry,  the Minitopia series reveals areas that escape all control.  Here are plants that grow wild in wall and sidewalk cracks.  Edith Roux magnifies these mini-landscapes through play with a change in scale.  She  adds  utopic playlet acted by lilliputian characters.

No Peeping is a burlesque video that denounces the atmosphere created by these enclaves