A graduate of the Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca's painting department, Catalin Petrisor proposes an absurd discourse reflecting on the contradictory dynamics of the Romanian post-communist society.

the restrained use of a black and white palette, mixed ocassionally with colored grey tones obtained from various mixtures of primary colors, accentuates the artist?s willfully non-aesthetic approach.

This process of reducing the means of painting to a minimum, the controlled de-skilling in tackling the realist expression, as well as the manner of conceiving each exhibition as one single work, together indicate a post- conceptual attitude that singles Petrisor out from his generation's contemporaries, as well as from the figurative tradition of the Cluj School of Painting.

"The thing that continues to guide me the most in my paintings is to overcome a distance between different realities, factual or imaginary, from this world or another, and not the lingering in any of them. The distance in itself is always the subject in my works, and the effort I take connect the "here and now" with another point in space and time."